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Wiki-leak: When Brute Force Meet Brute Force

Wiki-leak: When Brute Force Meet Brute Force

It is always ideal that a world be harmonic and peaceful, without pain and suffering, where everyone respects and look out for another, and people can be ambassadorial and diplomatic.

But let face it.

The world, even until today, is still secretive.

Some countries might seem more civilise, more transparent,

But underneath,

There is still always a cloud of unknown,

A cloud of obscurity,

A cloud of uncertainty,

A cloud of shadow,

Made by the brute force of the government.

I use to think the US military as war heroes; the protector of the innocents, the restorers of justice, the aider of the defenceless, the scale of righteousness…

So when I saw the helicopter and its blood-lusting murdering of civilians, my heart was shattered; and felt especially ashamed of myself having lived in New York for half of my early childhood.

What I saw…

There was no laudable heroism; but there was cold-blooded killing.

This was no innocent protecting; but there was merciless butchery.

This was no justice restoration; but there was toying with human lives.

This was no defenceless aiding; but there was abusing of the helplessness.

This was no righteous scaling; but there was political warfare.

And yet, Wikileak is being attacked and accused of harming the harmony of the world.

Look, Wiki leak of cause can be categorised into the family of eExtremist… in fact, it is undeniable that it is doing massive damages to, not only US alone, but globally.

However, once you peel the onion and see the intention behind those damages Wikileak is doing, you will see that it is doing nothing more, but nothing less than attempting to ensure that the government is doing things ethnically.

In a way, it is no different to the “government approved NFO” such as Amnesty International, or Red Cross. Only it being more drastic, and arguably, more effective.

The US government has argued once and again that Wiki leak is penetrating the national security of the nation, and although many of its accusations seem sound, most of them are groundless if examined more critically.

For instance, how can showing video of a helicopter shooting wrongfully more hurtful to a family than actually shooting its family members?

Or how can an article about bombing a build with a disregard of bypasses’ life more cruel than bombing the building when there was a by-passer?

Being a reasonable, critical person, the logic of the government intelligence is beyond me, especially the way they try to “sweep things under the carpet” after wrongdoings.

So, although I disagree with some of the methods in which they obtain their information, I am at no intention to contradict to Wiki leak; both its principle and its operation.

I believe that the government have had power for too long, and are drunken by it, and had turned themselves into instruments of brute force.

Obviously civil methods are unless to them, otherwise Amnesty or Red Cross would have successfully dealt with such pandemic.

Therefore I believe that Wiki leak will create a whole new avenue of justice because it is not afraid to battle against brute force.

Although the battle will be horrifying, and perhaps chaotic.

However, it will succeed.

Because it is brute force against brute force; brute force from the government alone, up against brute force from the angry public.

And any wise government would know, the people will always win.


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