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Skinhead Movement: When the Baby Potato Grows Poisonous

Skinhead Movement: When the Baby Potato Grows Poisonous

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Rage, anger, hate and despair. These are words often associated with skinhead movement supporters; often being condemned of being violent, cruel, close minded and racist.

But you know what is sad though?

Skinhead movement was never originally fuel racially.

They started off as some regular British high school dudes, wearing Hardcore Clothes and Dr. Marten Boots, pretending Emo before it became popular, screaming random skinhead quotes like “the only way to forget about a love is to find a new one”, talking about God here and there trying to be spiritual with their occasional crave for fish and chips.

Sure, not the coolest kids, probably responsible for half of the geek population (again, before it became cool) out there in the 60’s, but nevertheless, no way they were an army of pure evils.

Then, the harmless potato grew, and it became poisonous…

…When Skinhead movement became political.

They started to form a close affiliation with extremist party such as the Neo-Nazi and became so politically right winged that little people remained today still remember the original form of the skinhead. When spoken of skinhead, association drawn inside our minds are blood, conservativeness, discrimination, racism… and not independence, non-conformist ideology and liberty which were what Skinhead originally was.

Their affiliation is so close that, when I search up “Neo Nazi”, “The Skinhead International Australia” popped up as the third result in Google. This I must admit scares me a little.

Look, I am all for the internet being uncensored and I believe that the exchange of digital information should be not restricted groundless, however, it does not mean that I am prepared to hold up to people who abuse the internet as a forum to encourage racial discrimination. Although there is a very fine line between opinion and hate spreading, and sometime the line can be blurry and hard to define, it will always become obvious when we spend to the time on critical examination.

Here’s an example:

Quoting from a research done by The Nizkor Project, here’s a quote from Skinhead Australia Sydney (a.k.a Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads) and it clearly demonstrates the obscurity Skinhead uses to blanket their racist ideology:

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Normal people reading it might find it difficult to define whether it is in fact a racist comment or not. Some might think it is perhaps not intentional racism, perhaps only a statement worded badly, however, when looked closely upon critical examination, the intention of the writer is clear, and it is undoubtedly fuelled by racism.

This is an example of a critical examination of the statement:

–          The words “we” and “our people” in conjunction of “white children” suggests that only white people, or people with Caucasian background is included and any other races are excluded.

–          The word “children” suggests innocence, purity and good, and in conjunction with the word “white” implies that the writers only refers those qualities to children of a white background.

–          The word “future”, “existence” and “secure” suggests that threats are approaching, and with the conjunction of “our people” and “white” indicate the writer’s intention of making propaganda to the audiences, fear them into fearing the non white community.

The statement might look innocent; however, just a brief examination reveals the writer’s intention to exclude non-white population by appealing to fear and demonizing other races.

And this is just the beginning…

As the internet growing rapidly, so are the words of Skinhead movement.

And as the innocent potato grows, it will only become more poisonous…

Until someone is unintelligent enough to consume it…

And parish into the poisonous world of hate.


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