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Twitter: Fame Seeking for the Sake of Seeking Fame

Twitter: Fame Seeking for the Sake of Seeking Fame

Since the development of social media, the intention of the technology is always focused the interaction of the people you love, you know and you understand. Never a time when social media is not focused on the people, the connection and communication … until Twitter comes along and turned this totally upside down.

I never use twitter in my life before… perhaps I have read a lot about it, both academic references and online commentary and I use to have a very positive impression of twitter. However never in my life, until today, that I really have explored the operation and the execution of twitter.

These are some of the comments my peers made to me upon knowing my absence in the “twittershpere”, and really, the motivation of why I wanted to try out the world of Twitter;

“You are missing out!”

“I swear to god you will love it”

“Shoot me if you don’t like it”.

So today, with anticipation, I asked my friend to teach me about the magical land of twitter… and I am not saying it is not magical, but I guess I am just a muggle; because I simply am not getting it! Honestly, during my three hours of “twitter tutorial” by one of my dearest friend, not a single minute I do not want to drown myself in the can of coke right next to me.


Rheingold once suggested that online culture will bring us into a virtual community, in which everyone will interact with everyone and everyone will live in harmony.

I did not see that. People compete with each other, battling for being the “trend” or the “most twitted”, or competing to have the “most followers”.

Jenkins once said that the virtual community formed the platform for collective intelligence, in which people will form a body of knowledge together through the effort of the collectives.

I did not see that either. Comments are made for the sake of fame seeking and fame consuming and none of the posts (or twit so they called) have I seen suggested anything even remotely related to the most basic level of critical reasoning or academic sophistication.

Haraway once mentioned that the digital platform will transform all of us into cyborg, in which technology will become part of our everyday life.

I, sadly, saw that. My dearest tutor, my dearest friend, was also on twitter at the time of my “tutorial”, right next to me,  looking for “top twits” about Justin Bieber kissing his girl friend in a basketball game, and a random guy apparently famous for the humour of his twits.

I don’t know those people, and I am more than sure that my friend knows them not either… at best, her familiar strangers. People are indulging into mindless chatters about perhaps the most insignificant things such as “kiss cam”, labelling it as important news such as “kissing revolution” and idolising figures worth not the amount of attention they have, such as Justin Bieber and his girlfriend.

There is no interaction in twitter, but rather it is a colossal game of fame seeking and fame consuming. People posting and competing on “top twit” by attacking each others with spam ands mentions; celebrities exploiting their fans’ trust by pretending twitting them personally (when obviously their posts are written by their PR team); mindless teenagers complaining about their own private issues and broadcasting it around the world…

This is not social media; in fact, there is nothing social about this platform.

This is a platform of fame seeking and fame consuming.

This is fame seeking for the sake of seeking fame.


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