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            People often wonder, what is the fascination of Media Studies… and I often struggle to answer this question without a hot-blooded argument (a.k.a, swearing at the top of lung) and perhaps some level of exchange of altercation (a.k.a, throwing of stuffs).

However, since I am now in the cyberspace for the first time in my life blahing about Media, I will try explaining it with a minimum use of foul language (for the sake of my reputation :D), and will try also remembering that throwing stuff here only means paying for a new stupid computer screen.


Media Studies often been perceived as “boring” or “not interesting” due to its heavy involvement with social theories and cognitive thinking, critical analysis and in-depth understanding of complex concepts, and let’s face it, a majority of the people out there are cognitive misers… they don’t care, nor will they ever care about anything besides what are they having this evening and how are they going to get lucky tonight.

They are not very bright if you ask me.

With the increasingly rapid emergence of media, especially social media, many advertisements, marketing tactics and political agenda is now invading the media platform. Although realistically not all of us can be the new Abraham Lincoln and revolutionise the increasingly tainted social cyberspace; a good knowledge on what the hell is actually happening helps protecting you from all those bad things I have just mentioned!

In the following weeks, I will spend eight weeks of my time going through social media, and perhaps the 4 followers (so far) of this website will learn just a bit of Social Media every week, and perhaps this empowerment is just what you need.

Your Fanatic,

The Dude


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